17 September 2013

chapter XXX: it's getting cold again

We didn't play live and hardly rehearsed during the last months, but now we're back for some shows and to work on new songs again. These are our next four gigs. So excited to play them all, especially the ones in Germany, but Vienna is also going to rule. It's already 10 months ago since the last time we played our own city.  Jump in the Fire Fest is the show with the most amazing lineup we will probably ever play.

Thanks to Generation noir, Stateless Society, Tommy and Road Trip To Outta Space.

12 February 2013

chapter XXIX: snowy roads and frozen beer

So we just returned from our Northern European tour with DEATHRITE and all we can say is that it was beyond awesome! We made so many new friends and met lovely old ones, we visited amazing cities and places and had the 10 best days in a long time!
We want to thank anyone who made this possible. Thanks to all the people who were involved in setting up the shows, giving us food, giving us a couch/bed/floor to sleep and showing us the cities. Thanks to all the other great bands that played at the shows, thanks to FLUFFWHEELS (and at the same time sorry for the dent in the car) and last but not least thanks to the amazing dudes in DEATHRITE, for everything. They killed it every night. It was so ridiculously exciting to tour with you guys!
A tourdiary will be published in the next issue of the CHEATING DEATH zine, maybe also here. We'll see.

Here are the flyers for all the shows (not really all of them, Örebro is missing. Couldn't find it so far.):

Oh, and we have new shirts. Since we're a bunch of nerds and love "A Space Odyssey", they look like this:

28 January 2013

chapter XXVIII: jupiter odyssey

You can stream and download the MOONHOUSE SESSIONS tape on our Bandcamp now! Here's also another download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?7ls7tbzz8ffcaog
Download and spread it. DO IT.

27 January 2013

chapter XXVII: among beasts 12''

Preorders for our Among Beasts 12'' are up! You can get it in the online shop of Per Koro Records (http://www.perkoro.com/18378) or at our shows! Official release date is 01.02.2013.

Containing the remastered demo songs and two new ones, this record is pressed on a one-sided, black 12'' with white screen print on side B, the cover is also screenprinted. 300 were made, including a special edition of 66 with a silver screen print on the cover and the record. Download code also included.

I. Nebuchadnezzar
II. Beast out of the Sea / Beast out of the Earth
III. Black Death
IV. Van Gogh
V. Therianthropy

03 January 2013

chapter XXVI: tape, tour, thanks

2013 has begun and we just returned from our second weekender in Germany. It was simply amazing. We want to thank anyone who was involved in setting up the shows, especially Dagmar and JUZ Hängematte, René and Cowclub, Felix and Moth & Light/Nexus. Thanks for the awesome food, thanks for the countless bottles of Club Mate and thanks for the sleeping places. And of course, thanks to all the people who came out to see our sets and thanks to the great bands we could share the stage with! Hails to Sundowning (!!!), Dull Eyes, Values, Jungle Fever and Monarch!

In November 2012 we spent a day in the studio called Mondhaus and did a live recording session for 4 songs: 2 new ones and 2 covers. Lu from Cheating Death Zine made a lot of efforts to put those songs on a tape, which is called "The Moonhouse Sessions" and limited to 50 pieces. It's officially out now, as we already had some of them with us in Germany. We are amazed by the interest it engaged and we only have very few of them left. Thanks to everybody who grabbed one so far, and big thanks to Lu!

And finally: We'll be on the road with Germany's most evil DEATHRITE for 10 days in February, hitting Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Poland. All of the shows are booked already and we are nearly peeing our pants with excitement.

01.02.13 @ AZ Conni, Dresden (GER)
02.02.13 @ Rote Flora, Hamburg (GER)
03.02.13 @ KraftWerket, København (DK)
04.02.13 @ IOGT-huset i Skarpnäck, Stockholm (SWE)
05.02.13 @ Kulturhuset B-Salen, Örebro (SWE)
06.02.13 @ Skriket, Göteborg (SWE)
07.02.13 @ Hemgården, Lund (SWE)
08.02.13 @ Koma F/Köpi, Berlin (GER)
09.02.13 @ Rozbrat, Poznań (PL)
10.02.13 @ Obserwatorium Klub, Wroclaw (PL)

Oh, and our "Among Beasts" 12'' is in the pressing plant already. The artwork is about to be revealed soon. Watch out!

15 November 2012

chapter XXV: what is going to happen

So, what is going to happen within the next months...

- We will play 4 more shows this year. Already looking forward to the Mind Trap release-show and our second weekend trip to Germany by the end of december:

08/12 Venster 99, Vienna w/ Mind Trap, Demonwomb
29/12 Juz Hängematte, Sulzbach-Rosenberg w/ Sundowning, Red Apollo (had to cancel :( )
30/12 Cobra, Solingen w/ Values, Dull Eyes, Jungle Fever
31/12 Nexus, Braunschweig w/ Monarch!

- We are already in the planning process for the re-release of our demo on 12'' vinyl by PER KORO records. It will be out in early 2013. More details soon!

- We are also planning our first tour at the moment, which will take place in February 2013. Some dates still need to be fixed. More details soon, again.

chapter XXIV: august - september - october

Already months since the last post, sorry. Here's a little update about what happened in the meanwhile.
We played those shows:

- Alex Dietrich, good friend and amazing photographer, did a little shooting with us. We hung out in Vienna's biggest cemetery and started a fire somewhere in the suburbs. It was a good day. Here are a few examples of what came out. Seriously, support him: alexdietrich.at

01 August 2012

chapter XXIII: spread the shit

There are some physical copies of our 7 inch left, but feel free to download the whole record here. Spread it!


26 July 2012

chapter XXII: open the gate to the stars

Ok, I won't promise again to update this blog regularly, it never works out anyway. So what happened...

- Most important news first: OUR THANATOS 7'' IS OUT. We are excited to finally hold the records in our hands. Everyone should have received their pre-orders already. Thank you very much for supporting us! Sorry to everyone who waited months for the records to arrive.
You can get them at our shows or still from Worship Records and Green Menace Records.

- You can also stream the whole EP on our bandcamp now, check it out: http://avalancheXIII.bandcamp.com/

- The guys from Roadtrip To Outta Space hosted radio FM4's show "House of Pain" on the 20th June and played the title track of our 7'' there! Download the whole show as an mp3 file: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ocmxjg0nfwgcpij

- We played a bunch of shows since the last post, here are the flyers:

alternative flyer:

- We were supposed to play this year's Sucks'n'Summer in Leisnig, Germany. Due to a tragic case of death, the whole Festival got cancelled. Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends involved.
For this reason, we also had to cancel our show with Foreseen and Upright in Dresden. Still sorry about that!

- This will be our next show:

alternative flyer:

04 April 2012

chapter XXI: weekendtrip to germany

I want to deal with this in a separate post because this matter is very important to us. We just returned from our first weekender in Germany. The days from the 29th March to the 1st April were the best we had in a long time!
We are deeply thankful to everyone who helped organizing the shows, gave us to eat, drink and a place to sleep. We also want to say thank you to the other bands for sharing their equipment with us and of course to all the people who came to the shows and watched our sets. You all did more for us than we could have ever imagined. It is hard to describe our appreciation for you guys and girls.

- ThomasAlexMichaelThomasStefan

We are missing on this one, thanks to Felix, Basti & the rest for letting us play last-minute!

Thanks to Philipp, Tommy and the AJZ Leisnig! Aaaaaand big thanks to our friend Tommy Halfter!

By the way, we are siked to announce that we have been invited to play this year's Sucks'n'Summer Festival! Can't wait!